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Chap is the only chore and household management app that keeps it simple. Alerts for due chores? Check. Rotating assigned chores? Also check. Your chores? Checked off.

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This app really deserves the 5 stars! Super user friendly and easy to use. Gets the job done perfectly. Truly great. I definitely recommend this!

Lucky G.

This the 6th app I downloaded for tracking chores. Best one so far! Simple, and uncluttered :) easy to use and navigate. Couldn't believe its free!

Cat L.

Omg, I was looking for something to keep track of my habits and this helped me. I got the app and just created an account today, and let me tell you, I am AMAZED! No forceful reminder that says "hey wanna up date to premium?", there's a separate link for you to subscribe. This app is everything, and it can be used for both personal use and family use. I really am hoping to get the best out of this, thanks a lot again!

Idk M.

I saw this app's promotion on Tiktok and wanted to check it out. I'm glad I did. It's a fun way to keep track of things. I love the fact that it tells me how much time is left. Can be used for exams, chores, grocery dates etc.

Zehra B.

Last year I was in a rut and gained a good bit of weight. But through constant routine I broke it and now I'm down 25 pounds of fat and up 20 of muscle. I have recently been using this app to help me keep track of my workouts and it's great, if i would've had this when i started it would've been much easier.

Will C.

I found this app because of TikTok. It's a really nice app! I feel more organized and disciplined 😊 it's the best I've tried so far :)

Nikola P.

This is the best app for chores! (I know, I downloaded like 15 and this is the only one that had all I needed) [...] Big success with this app! And good luck with everything!

Jayrelina D.

Track chores for a tidy home

Effortlessly manage and complete household chores with Chap, the best chores app out there. Ensure a tidy and organized living space for families, couples, roommates, and more.

Get started quickly
with preset routines

Simplify chore planning with our ready-made routines, designed to suit various lifestyles and make getting started a seamless experience.


Control your home as an admin

Maintain household order with our admin controls, giving you the power to set rules and monitor progress, ideal for parents overseeing their family's chore responsibilities.

Analyze chores at a glance

Gain insights into chore completion with our analytics feature, presenting a clear timeline and graphs for a quick and easy assessment of household productivity.


Assign and rotate members

Foster teamwork by assigning and rotating chores among household members, ensuring a fair distribution of responsibilities with minimal effort.

Reward good work

Incentivize chore completion with our points system, turning tasks into a rewarding experience and motivating everyone to contribute to a well-organized home.


View each day's chores

Stay organized by easily viewing and planning daily chores through our Calendar view, helping you stay on top of your household tasks.

Organize and filter your way

Customize your chore management experience with versatile organizing and filtering options, allowing you to tailor the app to your unique household dynamics.

Dark mode

Dark mode available

Don't like to see your chores on a bright screen? No problem. Dark mode is available for free. Save your eyes the trouble and get chores done even in the dark.

Chores are a hassle. Let us help!

No more fighting about who does what around the house - we have it all covered!

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Chap - Chores & Organization

Pricing and plans for everyone

Chap is free for everyone. But for those who want more, Chap Premium offers exclusive features and benefits that give greater control.

Yearly44% OFF

Cancel or refund anytime.



It's on the house!



Billed annually at $39.99
Add unlimited chores
Invite unlimited members
Create unlimited places
Assign chores to anyone
Set unlimited reminders
Reward with points
Chore filtering
Dark mode
Calendar view

Up to 1 week

Analytics view

Up to 1 week

Chore collections


Chore rotations
Premium sharing

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Get in touch with us at [email protected]

Frequently asked questions

Get help with some of our most popular questions and answers.


What is Chap?

Chap is a chore-sharing and tracking app designed with multi-member households in mind. Share chores on one page (with the filters you want, of course), track analytics, rotate and assign members, get reminders, and more. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it solo though! Chap is just as powerful for single-member households. If you want to manage your chores and home swiftly, Chap is the way to go.

How do I use Chap?

Very simple - first, download the app either on the App Store or the Play Store. After signing up, create a place (or join a pre-existing place if you are being invited by another member!) to get started. From there, you can easily add your first chore or invite other members to help you out. Chores can be a headache, so we make it fast and easy for you with no roadblocks! Coming soon: pre-made chores to make adding chores even easier & a schedule generator. That’s right, with one click of a button, your entire schedule can be made for you!

Who is Chap for?

Chap is for anyone who needs to share their chores/tasks: couples, roommates, families, and more! Don't want to share? Use it as a personal to-do list! Chap is great for anyone who wants to get reminders, track their progress, and share amongst other members of their household.

Where can I download Chap?

You can download Chap on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Chap is also available on desktops, laptops, and iPads - however, these are not currently optimized so we encourage you to stick with the mobile versions for now!

How can I share chores with roommates & family members?

No problem! Simply go to the Members List page (4th tab at the bottom of the app) and you will see a “plus” button at the top right. If you tap that, it will bring up a link that you can send to anyone you wish to invite, whether it be your roommates, family, or significant other. From there, they can just tap the link, accept, and voilà! They are in your place and ready to get chores done.

Do I have to pay to use Chap?

No, Chap is completely free to use! Free members can enjoy unlimited places and members, in addition to other great features! If you want access to premium features, however, we do have a paid subscription plan that costs $5.99/mo or $39.99/yr (a 44% discount!) This premium plan, called Chap Premium, gives you access to exclusive member benefits and features, such as nudging (notifying) members of due chores, full access to analytics, full access to the calendar, dark mode, removing ads, and much more coming soon!

Using Chap

How do I create a place?

After you first sign up, you will be prompted to either create or join a place. Tap “Create a place”, and that’s it! If you’ve already passed the initial onboarding and want to create additional places, look to the top left of your screen to open up the Place Switcher modal, and you can create a new place there! Additionally, you can go to the Settings page, tap “Manage places”, and add a new place from that screen as well.

How do I invite more members?

At the bottom, tap the Members List tab (2nd from the right). From that screen, simply tap the “plus” button at the top right, copy the link, and send it to your family, roommates, significant other, or whoever you wish to add to help you complete your chores!

How do I create a chore?

To create a chore, tap on the green plus button at the bottom of your screen. From there, input the chore name, description (optional), due date & time, assigning options (optional), reminders (optional), and color (optional).

What are the options for recurring daily chores and one-time chores?

We give users the freedom to create recurring daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and one-time chores. For daily chores, you can also select to skip days (i.e.: Do a chore every other day or every 3 days). For weekly chores, you can do the same thing and also have the ability to choose which days of the week these chores are due. For monthly chores, you can also choose every “X” month while selecting which specific dates you want the chore to be completed by. For yearly chores, you can do the same and select which months you want the chores completed by. Note: the due date is particularly important for yearly chores, as some months don’t have certain dates and will skip that month if you select a month without the due date. Lastly, for one-time chores, you simply need to select the due date and due time and you are ready to go.

How do I complete a chore?

To complete a chore, press and hold the circle (located on the left-hand side) of the chore you wish to complete, then simply swipe across to the right. We made this part satisfying so you can reward yourself a little for completing the chore! Woo-hoo!

How do I edit a chore?

To edit a chore, simply tap on the chore to bring up the chore details page, then press on the “Edit this chore” button at the bottom.

How do I delete a chore?

To delete a chore, head over to the “Edit Chore” page and tap on the trash can icon in the top right corner or the “Delete this chore” button at the bottom. You can also do this quicker by left-swiping a chore and hitting the delete button.

How do I get notifications for chores to be completed?

First, you must turn your phone settings to have notifications enabled for Chap. Secondly, you must have notifications enabled in the app in the Settings page. Lastly, you must have the reminders toggle set to on in the chore you wish to be notified for. If you have steps 1 and 2 enabled, members can also nudge you to be notified of a chore, even if step 3 is not enabled.

Will I get reminders for overdue chores?

You can, but you can also turn it off if you wish. In the edit chores page, after turning on reminders, you can also toggle overdue reminders on or off. Make sure your phone and app settings both have notifications enabled.

How do I look at and track a chore's analytics?

All you have to do is tap a chore and hit the “Manage completions” button to view a chore’s analytics. From here, you can look at the chore’s weekly, monthly, bi-annual, or yearly stats. You can also delete completions that you may have made a mistake on.

How do I view a member’s analytics?

In the Members List, you can simply tap any member and tap the “View completions” button to view and track a member’s chore analytics.

I accidentally marked a chore complete. How do I undo this?

Go to the analytics page for the chore you wish to undo. From there, you can delete any completion you wish. Note: deleting the latest completion will roll the due date back.

I forgot to mark a chore complete. How do I mark a chore completed from the past?

Simply swipe left on the chore in question and tap the “Pick Date” button. That will bring up a modal where you can choose the date and time to mark a chore complete retroactively. Note: this may affect rotated members and due dates.

I only want to see my chores/I only want to see others' chores. How do I do that?

In the main Chore List screen, tap the filter icon at the top right, which will bring up a list of filters, groupings, and sortings you can apply to your chores. The filtering options are to see all chores, to see chores assigned only to me, or to see chores assigned only to others. The grouping options are to group chores by date, by assignee, or by color. The sorting options are to sort chores by urgency or by name. Here, you can also hide any completed one-time chores.

What is the difference between assign and rotate?

Assigning members to a chore is exactly that - it just tags them as someone who needs to complete a chore. Rotating members takes this one step further and basically assigns one person a chore until that chore has been completed by that person. Then, the chore rotates to the next person.

How do I organize my chores?

When adding or editing a chore, you can select a color to organize and categorize chores. You can also add a description to each chore. We are looking to add more options to organize chores in the future, so keep an eye out!

How do I enable Dark Mode?

Dark mode is a premium feature. Simply subscribe to Chap Premium and you will have access to Dark Mode and many other features!


How does Chap Premium work?

Anyone who subscribes to Chap Premium will receive all the premium features, such as nudging, access to all advanced analytics, and Dark Mode. We are continuing to add more and more features, so stay tuned! We are also looking to switch to a “family-style” subscription where only one person needs to subscribe and they can assign subscriptions to the members of their household.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Here are the steps to cancel your subscription to Chap Premium:

  • In the app, navigate to the Settings page, then click on "Billing"
  • On the next page, tap "Open Settings" to see your list of subscriptions
  • From there, you can choose to unsubscribe from Chap Premium
  • You can also get to this page in your phone settings
How do I get a refund?

First, we are sorry if you did not find Chap to be satisfactory to your needs. We would love if you could fill out this very short survey to help us be better - we appreciate this greatly!

Unfortunately, Apple and Google do not let us refund you directly, and you must go through their methods.


What data do you collect and for what purpose?

The only required data we collect is your (nick)name, e-mail, and password. With Google or Apple sign-in, you are even more secure. These are what is required to differentiate members so they can share their chores and tasks accordingly.

Optionally, you can opt-in to track app activity so we can provide you with more relevant personal ads. This is completely optional and not required by default.

Lastly, if you happen to subscribe to Chap Premium, Apple or Google will collect your payment information, but our team does not have access to that information.

We do not sell data to 3rd parties or use any data for purposes other than improving our app and service. To learn more, please check our Privacy Policy.

Have another question?
Get in touch with us at [email protected]

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Chap - Chores & Organization