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Chap is the only chore and household management app that keeps it simple. Alerts for due chores? Check. Rotating assigned chores? Also check. Your chores? Checked off.

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See for yourself why people love using Chap for its simplicity, design, and so much more.

This app really deserves the 5 stars! Super user friendly and easy to use. Gets the job done perfectly. Truly great. I definitely recommend this!

Lucky G.

This the 6th app I downloaded for tracking chores. Best one so far! Simple, and uncluttered :) easy to use and navigate. Couldn't believe its free!

Cat Lady

Omg, I was looking for something to keep track of my habits and this helped me. I got the app and just created an account today, and let me tell you, I am AMAZED! No forceful reminder that says "hey wanna up date to premium?", there's a separate link for you to subscribe. This app is everything, and it can be used for both personal use and family use. I really am hoping to get the best out of this, thanks a lot again!


I saw this app's promotion on Tiktok and wanted to check it out. I'm glad I did. It's a fun way to keep track of things. I love the fact that it tells me how much time is left. Can be used for exams, chores, grocery dates etc.

Zehra B

Last year I was in a rut and gained a good bit of weight. But through constant routine I broke it and now I'm down 25 pounds of fat and up 20 of muscle. I have recently been using this app to help me keep track of my workouts and it's great, if i would've had this when i started it would've been much easier.


I found this app because of TikTok. It's a really nice app! I feel more organized and disciplined 😊 it's the best I've tried so far :)

Nikola PasalicMar

This is the best app for chores! (I know, I downloaded like 15 and this is the only one that had all I needed) [...] Big success with this app! And good luck with everything!

Jayrelina Diaz
Chore list

Organize your chores

Our comprehensive yet simple list shows you what needs to be done. Not seeing what you want? Filter and organize to your heart's desire.

Assign, track, and rotate

Assign your chores to other members, and add rotations to cycle through. Writing down chores and completing them yourself is one thing, but inviting others to help is a whole new level.

Member analytics
Lockscreen notifications

Remind yourself or others

Set a time that works for you and be notified when a chore is due. Now you don't have to remember every little thing, freeing you to go about your day with ease.

Schedule your calendar

View your upcoming chores by date with calendar view. It's useful for seeing what specific days chores are scheduled to be due.

Chore analytics
Dark mode homescreen

Flip the switch on dark mode

Take it easy on the eyes with an all-new dark mode. Browse and complete your chores after hours with a relaxed color palette.

Ready to tackle your chores?

Download Chap today to take control of your chores and manage your household!

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Chap - Chores & Organization

Pricing and plans for everyone

Chap is free for everyone. But for those who want more, Chap Premium offers exclusive features and benefits that give greater control.

Chap Basic

For the go-getters - it's free forever
No payment needed
Regular access to basic features
Invite unlimited members to any of your places to help complete your chores
Setup reminders to help you remember your chores and stay motivated
Customize your chores to help you organize and group tasks your way

Chap Premium

For the power users who want more
Yearly44% OFF
Per month
Full access to premium features
Nudge assigned members to notify them that their chore is waiting
View advanced analytics to help you track chores as they're completed
Assign rotating members to help take turns completing your chores
See the future with Calendar View to help you visualize all of your chores
We're always adding more!
Be on the lookout as we build new features to improve Chap every day

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Frequently asked questions

Get help with some of our most popular questions and answers.


What is Chap?

Chap is a multi-use app where you can share your chores and tasks with anyone else in your household. Some other examples of how you can use Chap are as a personal to-do list, a scheduling tool, or a work planner.

How do I use Chap?

Chap allows you to create and manage tasks for yourself or others. Start by creating a place, such as Home, Office, or Dorm. Then, invite others to your place if you'd like their help. Finally, create chores and assign them to yourself or other members to start getting stuff done. You can also set up automatic reminders to be sent the day each chore is due.

Who is Chap for?

Chap is for anyone that needs to share their chores/tasks: couples, roommates, families, and more! Don't want to share? Use it as a personal to-do list!

Where can I download Chap?

You are able to download Chap on <a href="">the Apple App Store</a> and <a href="">the Google Play Store</a>.

How can I share tasks with roommates/family members

Simply create a place with your members, such as Home or Work. Then, you have the option to invite members via email or phone number. Your members will receive an email or text message inviting them to your newly created place. Once they've joined your place, create one or more chores and choose them under the "Shared with" section.

Do I have to pay to use Chap?

No, Chap is completely free to use! Free members can enjoy unlimited places and members, in addition to other basic features! If you want access to premium features, we have a paid subscription plan that costs $2.99/mo or $19.99/yr (a 44% discount). This premium plan, called Chap Premium, gives you access to exclusive member benefits and features.

Using Chap

How do I create a place?

After you first sign up, you will be prompted to create your first place. Simply name it by typing a name or by using our quick-add function. That's it! If you've already passed the initial onboarding and wanted to create additional places, simply go to the "Manage Places" page in the "Settings" tab and tap on the plus button in the top right corner to add a new place.

How do I invite more members?

After you create your first place, you will be prompted to add members. You can choose to invite members via e-mail or phone number, or you can skip this step entirely if you wanted to invite members later or use Chap by yourself. To invite members after the initial onboarding, simply click on the "Members" tab at the bottom of your screen and either tap the plus button in the top right corner or the "Add more members" button!

How do I create a chore?

To create a chore, tap on the green plus button at the bottom of your screen. From there, input the chore name, description (optional), due date & if it repeats or not, sharing options (optional), reminders (optional), and color (optional).

How do I complete a chore?

To complete a chore, press and hold the circle (located on the left-hand side) of the chore you wish to complete, then simply swipe across to the right. We made this part satisfying so you can reward yourself a little for completing the chore! Woo-hoo!

How do I edit a chore?

To edit a chore, simply tap on the chore to bring up the chore details page, then press on the "Manage this chore" button at the bottom.

How do I delete a chore?

To delete a chore, head over to the "Edit Chore" page and tap on the trash can icon in the top right corner or the "Delete this chore" button at the bottom.


How do subscriptions/premium work for Chap?

It's very simple! Anyone who subscribes to Chap Premium will receive all the premium features, such as nudging and access to all advanced analytics. We are continuing to add more and more features, so stay tuned!

How do I cancel my subscription?

Here are the steps to cancel your subscription to Chap Premium: <ul> <li>In the app, navigate to the Settings page, then click on "Billing"</li> <li>On the next page, tap "Open Settings" to see your list of subscriptions</li> <li>From there, you can choose to unsubscribe from Chap Premium</li> </ul>

What changed in Chap Premium?

We are revamping Chap Premium to adhere more closely to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store guidelines. Instead of subscribing through places, subscriptions will now be tied to your member account. This means: <ul> <li>Everyone (including free users!) can now add unlimited members to all of their places</li> <li>Rather than places being premium, <em>members</em> are now premium</li> </ul> We think these changes make everything much simpler and more accessible for everyone. If you have any questions about Chap Premium or your subscription, feel free to contact us using the email below!


What data do you collect and for what purpose?

The only data we collect is your (nick)name, e-mail, and password. These are what is required to differentiate members so they can share their chores and tasks accordingly. If you happen to subscribe to Chap Premium, Apple or Google will collect your payment information, but our team does not have access to that information. To learn more, please check our <a href="/privacy-policy">Privacy Policy</a>.

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Ready to tackle your chores?

Download Chap today to take control of your chores and manage your household!

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Chap - Chores & Organization